Tile and Grout Cleaning Valrico Fl

Grout cleaning is one of those unpleasant household chores that no one wants to do but is extremely necessary for many reasons. Fist, your tile floor or bathroom will look better aesthetically if the grout is allowed to remain its intended color. Designers choose certain grout colors for a reason. Second, clean grout is better for your family’s health, especially if you have children. Kids spend a lot of time on their hands and knees and they can pick up germs or bacteria from dirty grout lines as well as possibly be exposed to mold or mildew. Finally, clean grout will help ensure the value of your home should you ever choose to sell it. Dirty grout lines are a sure sign to prospective buyers that you do not take good care of your home which could hurt you when you are selling.

In order to make sure that your grout cleaning experience is a good one, the first tip I have to share is to clean your grout often. Grout is an extremely porous material and its gets dirty because dust and grime fall onto the grout and over time that dust and grime work their way down deep into the grout. Grout cleaning machines and grout cleaning tools are designed to work that grime back up out of the grout and then wipe it away. The longer you wait in between cleanings the harder that process will be. It is a good idea to get into a grout cleaning schedule so that your tile and grout gets cleaned regularly.

The second grout cleaning tip that you should follow is to scrub in a circular motion rather than back and forth along the grout lines. Whether you are using a brush or a grout cleaning machine to get the job done, the scrubbing should be done in a circular motion.

The mechanical grout cleaners take care of this part for you because the brushes rotate. But if you are cleaning grout by hand you might be tempted to scrub along the grout lines. It might seem more efficient, but what actually happens is that all the dirt you remove with your forward stroke gets pushed back into the grout with your backward stroke. You need the circular motions so that the dirt gets swiped to the side.

A third grout cleaning tip would be to use foaming grout cleaners or pastes rather than liquids. If at all possible, the pastes and foams are better because they can sit on the grout lines for extended periods of time. A lot of cleaning agents require time to activate and start to break down dirt and grime. Liquids run off of the grout lines too quickly. A paste or foam will stay put and work better.

A final grout cleaning tip would be to always choose the right grout cleaning chemicals. When learning how to clean grout many homeowners ask what kind of grout cleaner to use. A good rule of thumb is to use the gentlest grout cleaner possible in order to still get the job done. Harsh chemicals can not only be toxic, but might damage the grout. However, if you do need something strong, make sure that you test it in some small inconspicuous area to make sure your grout will not be negatively affected.

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