Upholstery Cleaning Lithia Fl

Cleanliness increases the life expectancy of your upholstered furniture so grab on to these furniture-cleaning tips. Be it a loveseat or a trendy little couch, your upholstery is totally worth the effort.

  • To begin with, get all the loose cushions off say, the sofa.
  •  Use a vacuum to pull off the dust.
  • Ideally you should use a handheld brush to pull surface the dust trapped dust particles in the crevices and the corners.
  • Simultaneously, keep on removing the bushed up dust with the vacuum cleaner.
  • Use the vacuum brush on the whole piece of furniture. Making sure you are not missing out any area. Get the arms, the seats, platform beneath the seat, the skirt and the back thoroughly vacuumed.
  • Then turn to the cushions you had set aside. Clean both sides using the vacuum brush.
  • Now, take a measuring cup and fill ¼ c of it with detergent or a liquid dishwasher, followed by 1 c of water. Using an electric mixer, blend thoroughly until you get a rich creamy mixture there.
  • Do not start working it in before you ensure the color does not fade away with the cleaning foam you just made. Apply a small amount on a hidden piece and make sure that the color stays intact after rubbing.
  • Use a piece of cloth to clean the furniture. Dip the cloth in the mixture and start brushing and rubbing on the sofa seat for example. The dirt would start to accumulate visibly on a side. Use a scraper and get it off the sofa.
  • Use a damp piece of cloth to rinse the lather off.
  • Repeat with every area of the upholstery furniture you want to clean
  • As your sofa would be damp when you are done, leave it to dry for a night or so.
  • Ideally, leave a fan on, blowing it dry throughout the night.


Look for a biodegradable, natural cleanser as a detergent with toxic substances can be damaging for your cute little love seat in long term. So, go for an eco friendly detergent instead, not only for your furniture but for routine use as well.

Be careful when you prepare the mixture. You should not use to much water. As advised use a small quantity as you want to make a creamy cleaner not a grape juice!You should also keep in mind that water can damage the metallic areas on your furniture. Needless to mention, vacuum your furniture frequently. You obviously understand that prevention is better than cure!

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