Upholstery Cleaning Tampa Fl

Upholstery very often is used to add grace to any furniture but the weird thing is when it is dirty. When upholstery is dirty it needs to be cleaned for keeping your home free from germs. Also dirty things emit bad smell which is another reason behind cleansing. However, two upholstery cleaning methods are used-

1. Wet cleansing method

2. Dry cleansing method

1. Wet cleansing method

As the name suggests wet cleansing method is that where water is used as a base material and some chemical solutions are mixed with water and the final solution is spread across upholstery surface and dirt particles or dust are either driven away with water force or resolves in water. Finally, when water is sucked off the surface everything goes out of it. The process is very simple and can be one at home.

Shampoo, soap or detergent powder is used as a cleansing material which once resolved with water forms some organic or inorganic reaction and breaks the chemical bonds between stinks and removes everything. The carpet looks like brand new once again.

This process is quite handy to some extent but not entirely one and only method. There are some drawbacks and if the process continues for a long time it is sure that the fibers will become untidy and some threads will come up. Now for some reason if you pull these loose threads it will shrink a large portion of the carpet and tamper the entire formation. So to avoid this you may use scissors and cut off these loose threads instead of pulling.

Another problem that is very much important is water removal. Once you moist upholstery with some water solution you may be able to pump some water by using normal vacuum cleaner but it is never ever possible to remove water entirely and make the upholstery dry at any stage.

So other than leaving upholstery to vaporize the water you can hardly do anything. If the upholstery is left at this situation for number of times it will stink and may also lose its normal temper and threads may come off once again.

2. Dry cleansing

This method is good for sensitive upholstery. Dry chemicals are spread across the surface and left for some time and then they are either brushed off or a piece of cloth is used to clean the surface quite easily. These chemicals are very powerful and once you rub the chemical using a piece of sponge in upholstery it removes sticky materials and energizes the carpet once again with exciting fragrances.

Dry cleaning is also good when a specific portion needs to be cleared. You just use chemicals in that particular area and get the job done quite easily.


It is always the good to hire an upholstery cleaning company to do this job for you. Normally these companies charge huge amount for home cleaning as most of these companies use heavy machinery which are more suitable for office use. Thus for home when you ask them for a quote they provide a list which is very high in deed. But upholstery cleaning in Tampa is very popular globally as these companies have choice of machinery used for upholstery cleaning. You may easily ask them for a quote and it is guaranteed that you will get best of services always.

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