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carpet cleaning in Riverview FL?

We offer deep steam cleaning in Riverview Fl
and surrounding areas leaving clean and healthy carpets that stay cleaner longer.

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Carpet Cleaning in Riverview FL, Home,
Carpet Cleaning in Riverview FL, Home,
Mannys Carpet Cleaning Service was established with the specific goal of helping homeowners in Riverview and the surrounding Tampa Bay areas preserve their investment from premature replacements. As a local family owned and operated professional deep steam cleaning business we offer a wide range of cleaning services, from carpet cleaning to carpet stretching and repairs, upholstery cleaning, tile grout cleaning, hardwood polishing, and mattress cleaning services.  All our services are specifically designed to help keep up with your property’s overall appearance and the health of your indoor air quality.

Property owners replace carpet, floors and upholstery items far too many times before they even try to revive them.  We realize the importance of helping you save money and keeping up with your property’s appearance by making it look pristine for years to come.

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Costs of Renting a Carpet Cleaner Vs Hiring

When you hire a professional carpet cleaning company you are not just getting the service they are offering you, but also their years of experience, reputation and of course the tools they use. Most professional carpet cleaning companies use powerful truck-mounted equipment, commercial grade cleaning products and knowledgeable technicians that are trained in cleaning all types of carpet fibers.

Cost: $25-$50 Per Room/Area 


Typical 3 Bedrooms, Hallway, Living Room and Dining – $125-$250

Can you definitely opt to rent a carpet cleaner at Home Depot or Lowes, and do the job yourself. It all depends on your budget and your level of expectations. If you have the knowledge and the time it takes to clean a typical home with a small portable unit, then you should go for it. Yes, it will take longer and even after hours of hard work the results may not be as desirable or even noticeable at all. That’s because the equipment and cleaning solutions you are using cannot be compared to the ones the professionals use.

Also, you are more likely to over wet your carpet and cause mold issues later on.

Cost: $30 plus the cleaning products $25-$60 depending on the store.

So while the initial cost of hiring a professional is higher, the overall cost of renting an inferior carpet cleaner machine, the time it takes to do the job and making sure you do not damage your carpet in the process may save you some money at the end, it may not be the best option for you. Leaving this to the professionals is still recommended over doing it yourself.  However, renting will always be less expensive than hiring a professional carpet cleaning service.


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Carpet Cleaning in Riverview FL, Home,

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Carpet Cleaning in Riverview FL, Home,

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