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Carpets/rugs serve an important functional purpose; that is, to keep you and your family’s feet warm. However, their diverse aesthetic uses cannot be overlooked either. One could use an area rug to highlight their decor; for instance, you can use a brightly colored area rug to complement your living room furniture and decor. The problem for many homeowners- though- is that carpets tend to lose their aesthetic appeal once they start showing signs of damage. What’s more, with kids and pets always playing and running around the house, your carpets are highly likely to develop burn holes and stains that dampen their visual allure. That is why you need to give us a call should your carpet(s) starts showing any signs of wrinkling, loosening up, staining or burn holes. Read on for a detailed description of the services that we offer.

Carpet Repair

If your carpet is spotting a wrinkled or buckled look, we can help restore it to its original appearance through a process known as ‘carpet stretching’. We make use of quality products and equipment to tighten your carpet, The process involves detaching the carpet, then re-stretching it to the desired tightness. Other carpet repair service processes that we undertake depend on the nature of damage to the carpet, as detailed below:

i. Stair carpet detachment- this happens when there is constant human traffic on the staircase. If you see this on your stair carpet, contact us to have it re-attached.

ii. Carpet burn holes- this can be fixed by patching the burn hole up with extra carpet material that was left over during installation.

iii. Carpet water damage- we can fix this by drying out the carpet and then installing new padding.


Carpet Cleaning

If your carpet has an unsettling build-up of dust/dirt particles that you need to remove, trust in our well-trained personnel to accord you topnotch deep cleaning services. The cleaning equipment we use makes use of a process known as ‘steam cleaning’ that results in a deeper clean that lasts longer. In steam cleaning, we inject hot water into your carpet and then extract it. The extracted water comes out with the dirt particles, leaving your carpet clean. The process enables us to get rid of even the dirt particles lying deep within your carpet. What’s more, a deep clean will not only get rid of dirt, but also remove carpet stains.




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