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Carpet stain is more challenging to remove than dirt particles. It is important to clean fresh stains immediately as dry stains can only make your cleaning task difficult. Cleaning a stained carpet takes a lot of stamina and hard work. You should have willingness to do the task especially if you want to maintain the fascinating appearance of your carpet.

Here are the instructions in removing carpet stain:

  • Before starting the cleaning procedure, make certain that you are aware of the type of stain that get stuck in your carpet. This helps in determining which cleaning solution suits best.
  • You can make a mild cleaning agent by getting a bowl. Pour in water at least 200 ml and add liquid soap. Mix your soapy solution properly.
  • Get a cloth and moisten it into your soapy solution. Squeeze the cloth to remove excess water.
  • Blot the stained area starting at the outer portion going to inner portion. Avoid wiping in cross section as it spreads the stain even more. Removing carpet stain should be by blotting and not by scrubbing.
  • Avoid soaking the cleaning solution as this may penetrate deeply into the carpet making the stain even harder to eliminate.
  • It is ideal to use a white cloth in cleaning carpet stain as you can easily evaluate whether the stain is remove or not.
  • For food stain, use a white vinegar solution. Mix the vinegar with water and blot the contaminated area. White vinegar solution is also applicable in removing inks.
  • Get an empty spray bottle and fill in with water. Moisten the stained area. Make sure not to wet the carpet too much as it may damage the floor.
  • Wipe the area with a dry cloth or an old white towel.
  • Keep it dry by turning on the fan and opening the windows to remove vinegar smell.

Use a mild cleaning solution first in removing carpet stains before proceeding to chemical-based ones. There are also cleaning solutions available in the market. Beware of ammonia cleaning solutions as this can be very hazardous to your health especially when inhaled. Avoid soaking the carpet as the stain will be harder to get rid of. Simply blot the area using your desired cleaning solution.